Chriss Diaz combines shamanic energy healing, reiki energy healing, qigong energy healing, spiritual life coaching, readings, somatic bodywork infused with healing energy, and many more modalities to facilitate lasting changes in people’s lives.  Sessions available in any of these modalities or in any combination.


“You changed my life!  I will be forever grateful!”



Live the Life You Are Meant To Live


Is there something missing in your life?

Do you need help with actualizing career or business goals?

Are you looking for the love of your life?  Or have you found him/her and now there’s struggle?

Is everything in your life okay, and you still feel like something’s missing?

Are you ready and wanting to identify and release unconscious patterns that are preventing you from living the life you are meant to live?


  • Discover your true purpose on this planet for this lifetime
  • Resolve patterns that prevent enjoying healthy personal connections and career success and experiencing life joyfully
  • Deepen and clarify your intuition and sense awareness
  • Allow your true essence to come through and be expressed divinely in each moment
  • Unfold the flower that you are


“I felt like I returned home.  It was indescribable!”


How This Work Is Different Than Other Healing Work


I believe everyone is on this planet for a purpose. Part of my job is helping you connect to your purpose and your essence.


The gifts and skills I have developed through over 15 years of experience working in the healing arts help me to be uniquely flexible and adaptable and effective in helping you live the life you are meant to live.


The unique combination of modalities I use is exceptionally effective in undoing the hardwiring of people’s programs from their childhood experiences and the culture they grew up in. Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart are all engaged through Shamanic work, Reiki, Qigong, expert spiritual life-coaching and teaching, somatic bodywork, spiritual practices, metaphysical and other esoteric teachings…all these together are very powerful  when combined together. My approach changes from client to client depending on what works best for each person in that moment.


“Wow!  That was incredible!  I didn’t believe in energy work until now!”


With my years of life-coaching experience, I have a specific ability of seeing people’s wounds and patterns from family and culture.  I can help you to see and unwind your patterns so that eventually your behavior and choices and what you can create in your life are no longer limited by old patterns.  I have an incredible intuition and knowing of when to bring something into the session that has been waiting under the surface for the right moment, and knowing what tools and resources you need in place before you step into each next level, and when to introduce those tools before you need them, so that you’re ready…


“I felt more relaxed on a deep core level.”


I hold space for you and support you to connect to your essence so that you can have it come through each moment the way it’s meant to flow through…at work, at a bus stop, playing with a child…

…I help people to unfold the flower that they are…

…help them root like a tree, being and staying connected…help them get their roots and keep them like a healthy, vibrant tree…

…having a continued feeling of their connectedness to all there is, to earth, developing the feeling of stability as if a mountain…

…connecting to your true experience of joy, whenever you want to flow that…

…likewise, reconnecting you to your innocence, the wonder of being a child again…

…even ecstasy, regardless of what is happening around you…you can connect with and flow any of these experiences whenever you want, regardless of what is happening around you.



“I found comfort and a deep inner joy.”



Return to Vitality and to Your Essence in your Body, Mind, Spirit and Personal Connections


Working with Chriss can result in lasting changes in people’s lives at the soul level, psyche, emotional level, physical level, in personal relating, and in one’s life circumstances.


Chriss would be honored to be your guide and your support in the next steps on your journey towards being in your truth, so you can fully live the life you are meant to live, allowing your true essence to come through and be expressed divinely in each moment.


Can’t dance?  Come on down.  When you touch your soul and your energy, then you’ll be flowing.


Sessions available via phone or Skype or in person in the Rockridge area of Berkeley.


“…a very effective transformative healing of my mind, body and my heart.”



Training for Healers, Sensitives and Intuitives


This work also develops your senses, the first five as well as your extra senses.  This work connects you to your intuition, or opens your intuition more strongly, and intuitives increase their abilities as well as develop qualities and experience that allow them to maintain balance and not be vulnerable or susceptible to external energies.


Chriss has worked teaching and mentoring energy workers and psychics over the last 10 years, transmitting strong, powerful fundamentals and helping them create more balance, maintain a stronger foundation, and optimize their abilities.  Students and apprentices, please inquire.


“…I discovered my abilities.  I felt a reconnection.”