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Sessions available via phone or Skype or in person in the Rockridge area of Berkeley.


chrisbrdbreu at yahoo dot com

Check at for scheduled Reiki Circles, Reiki Classes, and other events and playshops supporting spirituality, consciousness, and community:

In addition to Reiki classes, Chriss offers training, mentoring and apprenticeship in many areas.  Please inquire.



Chriss Diaz Bio


Chriss Diaz is a master reiki teacher, shamanic energy healer, life coach, massage therapist, teacher of intuitives and sensitives, interfaith minister, fitness and nutrition consultant, culture healer, and mystic.  He maintains a private practice in the Rockridge area of Berkeley, where he also teaches and writes.  Chriss has spent the last 15 years learning, teaching and applying holistic remedies to the individual and collective living experiences of today.


Chriss has served as a volunteer counselor, advocate and teacher for youth wards of the state, elders at nursing homes, and for women through a women’s center.  He has been an activist organizing for women’s rights, for the prevention of violence against women, for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender rights, for environmental issues, against war, and against racism.


Chriss served professionally providing direct care, advocacy, counseling and healing to infant children, teen mothers, homeless families, clients of a mental health social services agency, disabled persons, survivors of trauma and the general population.


Chriss’s teachings draw from Buddhism, Earth Based Spiritual traditions, Shamanic traditions, Native American tradition, spiritual and esoteric principles from numerous traditions, Reiki, Qi Gong, and many forms of energy balancing, Trans-Personal Psychology, Co-Counseling Theory, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, the Human Potential Movement, Liberation Theory, Diversity Training, Anthropology, Archeology, Sociology, Truth in History, Alternative Economics, Mythology, Cosmology, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Unified Field Theory, Body Energetics, science, and leading edge fitness and nutrition.


“For over 15 years I have been helping others heal, grow, connect to themselves, and evolve their consciousness and/or spirituality.  I have an uncanny intuition and an acutely high perception that allows me to see behavior and energy patterns (patterns sourced from family of origin, culture, or inherent to the person’s soul) and to know what to bring into the work that will assist my clients to improve, transition, and transform.  I help my clients see their patterns and develop their own abilities.  I teach tools specifically helpful to their dynamic.”


“Chriss is a true healer, compassionate heart, and friend on my journey through life.”