“I found my breath and my roots.”


“I felt more relaxed on a deep core level.”


“In my time working with Chriss, I have been continually amazed at his remarkable ability to sense energy and respond to my specific needs as a healer. His awareness works on many levels. He has a huge heart. He is able to penetrate the sufferings and roles imposed by culture and conditioning. Chriss’s work is powerful on a personal level and has had an enormous impact on me. I am eternally grateful to have found him at this time in my life.”


“I feel more centered and grounded, more peaceful.”


“When I met Chriss, I was in a dead end job, in a deep depression and very blocked. I felt my life would not ever be able to change. Now, I feel very powerful. I have not been depressed for over a year. Chriss helped me develop abilities unique to me and very rare. Now I have found that I am able to help others. My life is happy and fulfilling. I am very thankful for our work together.”


“I found a stronger trust in myself.  I found that I contribute to the world, that I am very much loved.”


“Working with Chriss is like having an exceptionally skilled and capable mirror in my life advocating for me. I felt held in compassion and safe within to share myself because of the safe space he held for me to be heard. Experiencing his energy medicine was like the sensation of being enveloped back inside the womb and I felt I could see, feel and experience being in an experience of Divine Love. He is the most powerful mirror I have had of what true unconditional love really is and through him, I learned to really love and respect myself and hold compassion for who I am, instead of living in shame, regret and judgment of myself. I am able to really understand and know myself and frame my “story” in a light of the beautiful being that I AM because Chriss helped me to realize and live my truth. Chriss is a true healer, compassionate heart, and friend on my journey through life.”


“I discovered a sense of freedom and a relaxed mindset.”


“You are the amazing one – a true healer, a grand spirit

who has helped me to see

the TRUE nature of my spirit and

in doing so, you set me free.”


“I’m in total bliss.  I had this tension on my chest and now it’s released!”


“Chriss’s presence in my healing has helped me to regenerate renewal and energy into my life. In the physical realm, I have experienced a dramatic decrease in inflammation, pain and sluggish metabolism/ energy through Chriss’s Reiki healing. Spiritually, his counseling has opened up a true “awakening” in me and this awakening has given birth to a lifelong commitment to a right and true relationship with the universe. The space that Chriss creates for his clients is a safe haven in which to open up in. Because of this, I have been able to work through past hurts, patterns of behavior, and reignite a deep compassion for myself and others. Through deep listening and fruitful counseling methods, he has helped me to be an active participant in my healing process. Being in the presence of such a spirit as Chriss has helped me to begin the process of freeing my mind from years of self-judgment, guilt and shame. The benefits of this practice have revealed so many new possibilities in my life. His gentle soul serves as a “mirror” to mine and this mirroring has helped to facilitate deep self realization, opening of awareness, and connection to my source. In my experience, his healing abilities have gone beyond what we normally look to in therapy or energy healing and transcended into a very effective transformative healing of my mind, body and spirit.”





More Comments from Clients

“You changed my life!  I will be forever grateful!”


“I felt a sense of oneness and became very present.”


“I learned to trust my intuition more.  I experienced the compassion and love and I got to experience it.  I feel like I am on the right path.”


“I felt a love and generosity and a desire to help others.  My spirit felt light and expanding.”


“You’re the reason I’m alive today.  What more can I say?”


“In 20 years in this business, I’ve never seen anything like it!”


“I’m filled with gratitude and bliss.”


“I felt like I returned home.  It was indescribable!”


“I’ll take with me compassion being given to me and tools to help myself and others.  I absolutely recommend this.”


“I found comfort and a deep inner joy.”


“Best massage I ever had!”




“My fear is no longer over-powering.  I’m more confident.”


“This is really powerful.  I’ve received a lot of Reiki healing, but this was, wow!”


“Wow!  That was incredible!  I didn’t believe in energy work until now!”



Sessions available via phone or Skype or in person in the Rockridge area of Berkeley.


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